Review: TGI Fridays

AKT Rating: 5 WOWS!

Last weekend, my family and I paid a trip to TGI Fridays. This was our first time, so naturally we took a crazy long time to order. Once we finished deciding we had started with a couple of appetizers.

First, we tried the new (and delicious) Tostado Nachos! They were tortilla chips with melted cheese and seasoned ground beef. We had the sour cream, jalapenos, and guacamole on the side. Those were 100% a winner for the whole family. We all loved them. My mom and dad shared the Traditional Wings. We ordered 1/2 spicy 1/2 regular. My parents loved them, and were all over them.

As an entree, I ordered the (this one’s a doozy) Sizzling Friday’s Signature Whiskey- Glazed Flat Iron Steak. And not only was this meal amazing and really really yummy, but there was a surprise that I’m pretty sure no one expected: IT ACTUALLY SIZZLED! Though the steak was a little hard, and the onion rings got soggy from the sauce, I would totally get this meal again.

For dessert, we ordered the Donut Cheesecake. Since my mom is allergic to strawberry, we asked for the strawberry sauce on the side. This cheesecake was truly a yummy cheesecake. The munchkins skewered into the cheesecake were delicious, the cheesecake being donut-flavored was delicious, and the sauce was delicious. Everything about this entire meal was absolutely delicious. I recommend TGI Fridays.

Review: Olive Garden

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!!!

Last week, my family and I went to Olive Garden to enjoy some American Italian food. Since we barely ever eat there, we took a very long time to decide. We were tempted by the fact that it was a rare experience for us to eat at Olive Garden, and the fact that everything looked SO YUMMY!

As an appetizer, we ordered the Classic Shrimp Scampi Fritta, and the Loaded Pasta Chips. The Shrimp Scampi Fritta was yummy, but needed a bit of lemon. And the Loaded Pasta Chips definitley looked better than it tasted. It sounded like a great idea, but definitely wasn’t the best idea for a purchase. But, my family also asked for some of the toppings to be taken off, like the jalapenos.

As a meal, I ordered the Seafood Alfredo. It originally came with both shrimp and scallops, but I ordered it only with shrimp. And it was delicious. I couldn’t finish because I also loaded up on the appetizers ;). My mom and dad shared the Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara. As I tried it, I realized that it really wasn’t all that. I thought that the best part of the whole meal was the shrimp. The pasta wasn’t all that, and neither was the chicken. Both tasted very odd, and didn’t go with the flavor.

Review: Playa Bowls

AKT Rating: 2 WOWS!

A few days ago, I practically begged my mom to take my to Playa Bowls. I had seen cute pictures of it online, and I had also heard so many great stories about their amazing food. Once we pulled into the busy parking lot, I was so excited to finally try the infamous Playa Bowls for the first time. My mom, sister and I walked into Playa Bowls, and we were instantly greeted by two friends who were staring us down like we weren’t supposed to be in there and ruined their fun. And this was only the beginning.

We had never been to Playa Bowls before, so naturally my mom told that to the lady working there, and we took a very long time to order. During that whole process, the lady at the cashier kept asking us, “Are you ready?” when it was very obvious that we were still deciding. After deciding and realizing that almost nothing on the menu was nut free, I had settled on a Pura Vida. We paid and the lady said that she would call our names when the bowl was ready. We waited, and they never called my name. One of the girls working there who wasn’t there when my order was being taken, asked if I had ordered a Pura Vida, and I said yes. No name calling or anything! This had to be one of the most confusing orders I’d ever had! When I got my food and a spoon, we went across the street to a pizza place to get my mom and sister some food.

As I started snacking on my bowl, I realized that a lot of ingredients that I thought that this bowl was free of, were in there. Like, I thought that Pura Vida was a nut-free option, yet, it had a thick layer of Nutella between the fruit and the acai. Now, looking back at the menu, I think that I accidentally picked up someone else’s order. But the girl specifically gestured to me that the order on the counter was mine!

But, I really could only finish half, so I brought the rest home. After about three days of sitting in the fridge, I thought for sure that it would have gotten somewhat rotten, yet, the acai was as swishy and goopy as ever, and it still smelled appetizing!

Though this place’s customer service is really bad, and the food doesn’t taste that good, and there really aren’t any options for people allergic to nuts, the packaging and store design was actually very appealing! It was modern and very true to the vibe of the the store-not the vibe that the employees gave off :)! To be honest, even though I didn’t like the food or the people, I would actually give it a second chance (at a different location) for the cute packaging it came with and some of the other options like juices and smoothies.

Review: Against the Grain (Urban Tavern)

AKT Rating: 3 WOWS!!!

Before our plans to meet my aunt and cousin at Ripley’s Aquarium Downtown, Toronto, we ate at a tavern called Against the Grain. Though this elite tavern had food that was more than amazing, and music that was perfect for almost all occasions, there was a slight problem with my sister’s kids’ meal: a pan of nachos. I had ordered the adult plate of nachos, and was happily munching along, as I started to hear my sister crying. Confused, I looked at her, and she was complaining that hers was spicy. After popping one of her chips into my mouth, I realized that hers was spicy. My mom immediately took action and talked to the waitress about the spiciness of the nachos, and we discovered that there was some spicy powder that was put on her nachos! Aside from the disastrous kids’ meal nachos, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I had ordered the Loaded Sheet Pan Nachos without lettuce, jalapeno on the side, pico de gallo, black beans, pickled onion, an jalapeno lime crema. My grandma had ordered the Coconut Shrimp, and my mom ordered the Naan Chicken Club. I thoroughly enjoyed my food, and it looked as if so did my mom and grandmother. If you didn’t count my sister’s meal, the food was absolutely delicious, and I would definitely go back a second time.

Review: Moxie’s Grill & Bar

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!!!

A few days ago, I went to Moxie’s Grill & Bar with my mom and sister for dinner. None of us had been here before, so we decided to try out a few of the options. We had ordered the Double Cheese Nacho Share Platter, the half rack of Slow-Roasted Baby Back Ribs (which I had), and for my sister, a Cheese Pizza. Also as an appetizer for all of us, we had the Mosaic Dip. The nachos, though delicious had one slight problem. On the menu at the restaurant, there was no description that the nachos had meat of it. Just cheese. I was a little confused, but, pleasantly surprised how the meat had made the nachos even better. The ribs were delicious. On the side was seasoned potato which, by the way, was absolutely amazing, and there was also a bit of coleslaw which was delicious on the ribs itself. The ribs were very tender, and flavorful, but there could have been a bit more meat of the ribs. I felt like I wasn’t actually getting all the meat that could have been on the ribs. There also was a lot of barbecue sauce on the ribs. I personally don’t like barbecue sauce, so I do feel like there was a bit too much for those of you who don’t like a lot. The Mosaic Dip definitely had a few unique flavors. It was goat cheese mixed with mushrooms and tomatoes, and on the side to dip were corn chips and fresh-baked naan. Though it was yummy, the dip had a few flavors, such as the goat cheese that made the dish a bit mature for my age, and not as enjoyable as it could have been.

Review: Flocafe

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!!!

While I was on my shopping spree at the Athens, Greece mall, my aunt and I went to Flocafe to get a quick drink. At this pristine coffee shoppe, I ordered a sparkling lemonade slushie. This delicious slushie was a quick drink (since I do happen to have a slushie obsession). This refreshing drink was minty and sweet, and made the perfect thing for a hot and sunny day. Having a sip out of my mom’s coffee, it was delicious. And as a kid, I don’t like coffee at all. This drinks were absolutely perfect, but what about the place itself? The place was clean and nice, and had a modern touch to it. It was kind of dark, but the fact that there was no set door made it feel bright and open. Additionally, as a small little appetizer, they gave out little cookies that really eased you into your meal or drink.

Review: Goody’s Burger House

AKT Review: 5 WOWS!

While I was in Athens, Greece, I went shopping with my aunt at the huge, luxurious, and foodie-friendly mall. After lots and lots of shopping, we eventually decided to get something to eat. First, we decided to stop off at Goody’s. Goody’s is a burger house (probably one of the best) only in Greece. When I went, I ordered the Extreme Club Crispy. And when it says extreme, it literally means: EXTREME. It was basically a jumbo platter with delicious club sandwiches and a butt load of fries. But boy! Was it delicious. I ended up having to give away 2 of the sandwiches because that platter was way too big for me to eat all by myself. The sandwiches had inside crispy fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, sauce (which I’m assuming was mayo), and bacon. and, it was a two layer sandwich, which means that there were three slices of bread, and twice the amount of fillings! And all of this was held together by one measly toothpick. As a refreshment, I got some Sprite.

Review: Fratelli’s Village Pizzeria in Scarborough

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!!!

Address: 384 Old Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1C 1B6 Address:

While on our vacation in Toronto to visit family, my parents, sister and I went to Fratelli’s Village Pizzeria to enjoy some quality pizza. Though on the outside it looked unappealing and very basic, it was quite nice on the inside. There was just enough light from the dim lights and the see-through doors. The brick walls – a classic pizzeria move – actually was quite nice, and added texture to the place. As an appetizer, we ordered a Caesar Salad. The crunchy romaine lettuce, the creamy dressing, and the delicious seasoned croutons all helped to make this salad one of a kind. Once again, though it was a classic option, they definitely made it taste one of a kind. As for the actual pizza portion of the meal, I ordered a pineapple and bacon pizza. There were more exotic options, of course, but after ordering this pizza, I didn’t regret a thing. This pizza was delicious, and I would totally recommend it! But, though this was practically the perfect pizza, I do have to admit that there was not enough pineapple on the pizza. I love pineapple on my pizzas, and there was only a handful on it. This didn’t really have an effect on how much I ate, though. The pizza was very heavy, and I only ended up eating half the slices. But the next day, I ate the rest for lunch to not waste this amazing pizza. After our meal, we were tempted by the dessert menu, so we ordered a mixed berry creme brulee. The burnt sugary top was crunchy and delicious and was absolutely amazing with the creamy inside with the delicious flavor of mixed berry.

Review: Afternoon Tea at the Princeton Peacock Inn

The Peacock Inn

Address: 20 Bayard Ln, Princeton, NJ 08540

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!

  • Tea Selection: 3 WOWS!
  • Scones: 4 WOWS!
  • Finger Sandwiches: 5 WOWS!
  • Pastries: 4 WOWS!
  • Fine China: 4 WOWS!
  • Menu Variety: 3 WOWS!
  • Ambience: 5 WOWS!

Today, my family and I went to the Peacock Inn for Mothers Day. It was absolutely amazing, from the food to the waiters! The Peacock Inn is also a hotel. Imagine waking up everyday, and going for high tea! 🙂 Though today was super rainy, it definitely made my day 20x better! The tea there was very high quality and delicious, though there wasn’t many options. The scones were absolutely amazing. They were kind of hard and crunchy on the outside, but super delicious and soft on the inside. The little sandwiches were so quaint and definitely very exotic. Delicious yet exotic. There was a huge variety of food. The dessert was delectable. There were macarons, and many other kinds of chocolate desserts. Be warned though that some of the food contains nuts, so try to ask for the nut-free version. Trust me: it’s just as amazing. The place itself was really cute and nice. It was nice and neat, and the ambience was very enjoyable. The lights were just bright enough that if it was a sunny day, the whole place would be lit up. Based on what high tea is usually priced at, this place was priced perfectly.

Th Peacock Inn was very enjoyable, and I highly recommend it as an afternoon tea option!