Recipe: Nature’s Cereal

All over TikTok, I’ve seen this new recipe for Nature’s Cereal. As someone who’s not a huge fan of the classic cereals, I was very curious to see how this twisted version would taste. Hopefully it would even spark a new love for cereal!


  • Coconut water
  • Ice cubes
  • 2 strawberries
  • A handful of blackberries
  • A handful of raspberries


Pour a reasonable amount of coconut water into any sized bowl. Then, prep your berries. I like to leave my raspberries and blackberries as-is, but cut my strawberries into smaller pieces. Insert the berries into the bowl with the coconut water, and then make sure to include a few ice cubes. The ice cubes help with the crunch, as well as keep the meal cold.

As you can see, this is recipe is not only simple but is also truly delicious! The combination of the berries with the coconut water is something that I would never have tried, but turned out to be something I really enjoy! I definitely would recommend this, because it’s quick, easy, delicious, and revitalizes you in the morning after a long night’s rest.

Have You Ever… Spotted the PERFECT Fry?

I recently ordered a medium pack of delicious french fries from Wendy’s and as I was chomping down that salty goodness, I saw it… THE PERFECT FRY!

  • Straight with a small amount of wave (no more than 2 degrees of curvature)
  • Skinny and slightly fat (no less or more than 7 millimeters)
  • Medium length (no more or less than 9 centimeters long)
  • Lightly salted (you can taste it, but crystals cannot be seen with the naked eye)
  • Golden with no hints of brown
  • Stiff (unfloppy when waved)
  • Must be able to sustain maximal ketchup when dipped
  • Should not crumble when bent


When eating the perfect fry, take big bites, alternating from top and bottom.

Have You Ever… Tried Sugar Water with Mint?

AKT Rating: 5 WOWS!

Have you ever had that one drink that instantly cheers you up? Mine is sugar water with mint. Though it might seem a bit basic, the sweetness of it instantly rejuvenates me and makes me feel awake.


  • Water
  • Sugar (at least 2 to 3 teaspoons)
  • 1 to 2 mint leaves


  • Pour water into glass
  • Put sugar in (I recommend putting in some sugar, stirring then tasting to make sure you don’t want more/less)
  • Rip up your mint leaves, and plop them in


Have you ever… Tried Bacon with Maple Syrup?

AKT Rating:WOWS! 

Have you ever come up with weird food combination, tried it, and realized that it was actually really tasty? Well, I definitely have. And I’m here to tell you about it.

Introducing… maple syrup with bacon! This may sound totally disgusting, but I assure you, it’s the complete opposite. The sweetness of the syrup complements the savory-ness of the bacon, making it taste absolutely amazing. The best part is, you can try this combo with almost any breakfast. Like pancakes, waffles, or even french toast. I definitely recommend trying this out, and hopefully you suggest it to some of your friends as well!