Review: Flocafe

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!!!

While I was on my shopping spree at the Athens, Greece mall, my aunt and I went to Flocafe to get a quick drink. At this pristine coffee shoppe, I ordered a sparkling lemonade slushie. This delicious slushie was a quick drink (since I do happen to have a slushie obsession). This refreshing drink was minty and sweet, and made the perfect thing for a hot and sunny day. Having a sip out of my mom’s coffee, it was delicious. And as a kid, I don’t like coffee at all. This drinks were absolutely perfect, but what about the place itself? The place was clean and nice, and had a modern touch to it. It was kind of dark, but the fact that there was no set door made it feel bright and open. Additionally, as a small little appetizer, they gave out little cookies that really eased you into your meal or drink.

Review: Billy Bishop Airport Porter Airlines Lounge

Billy Bishop Porter Airlines Lounge AKT Rating:  5 WOWS!

Billy Bishop Porter Airlines Lounge Snack Bar AKT Rating: 3 WOWS! 

Today, I traveled back to New Jersey with Porter Airlines. When I went to their lounge to wait for our flight, I realized that they had actually renovated it to look more sleek and modern. As I searched for a place to sit with my suitcases, I realized that there were more seating options than before. They had also updated the snack bar with more options, which I though was really creative of them to try and suit everyone’s needs.

I started to get hungry, so I decided to get a snack. I grabbed my ten dollar bill, and hit the snack bar. I grabbed a bottle of vitamin water, and handed the man the cash. He then explained to me that they only accepted credit or debit card. I thought that this was a bit unnecessary for a small little bar like this, since it wasn’t like I was paying for a full meal or anything, just a small snack! I also thought that the price of 4 dollars for a bottle of vitamin water was kind of ridiculous. They also removed one of my favorite items from their choices of food. Their shortbread and chocolate chip cookie. Or as me and my grandmother call them, the delicious and irreplaceable “Porter cookies”.

Though at first I was ecstatic about the new updates to the snack bar, for example the addition of new foods, I quickly realized that it was actually disappointing. It’s not worth paying for any of the premium food they have there, and I would actually recommend bringing your own snacks.