Mulberry Tea House

Mulberry Tea House

Address: 415 Westfield Ave, Westfield NJ 07090

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!

  • Tea Selection: 5 WOWS!
  • Scones: 5 WOWS!
  • Finger Sandwiches: 4 WOWS!
  • Pastries: 4 WOWS!
  • Fine China: 4 WOWS!
  • Menu Variety: 4 WOWS!
  • Ambiance: 4 WOWS!

Last weekend, my family and I went to the Mulberry Tea House for afternoon tea. Though walking in it looks a bit not like you would’ve expected, the food there is delicious. There was a wide variety of exotic teas to choose from. For example, I picked out the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake tea, and it tasted almost EXACTLY like cheesecake. I was really impressed. The scones that they had to choose from were also very unique. They had chocolate chip scones that were literally so good, and tasted like a cookie. They had many finger sandwiches to choose from, and though most of them were very classic, there were a few that stood out, like the Hoi-Sin Pork Tenderloin & Cucumber sandwich, that was absolutely delicious. The pastries were also quite interesting, but were overall a great finish to the meal. The teacups and teapots weren’t as fancy as a normal afternoon tea tea set, but they were actually very pleasant to drink out of, and easy to pour tea out of as well. The room was nicely lit, and was very bright. But, the flow of the tables was kind of cramped, and there weren’t that many tables. My family and I made up a group of four, and I really thought that we got the best bang for our buck.

Review: Teaberry’s Tea Room


Address: 2 Main Street, Flemington, NJ

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!

  • Tea Selection: 4 WOWS!
  • Scones: 4 WOWS!
  • Finger Sandwiches: 4 WOWS!
  • Pastries: 4 WOWS!
  • Fine China: 5 WOWS!
  • Menu Variety: 5 WOWS!
  • Ambience: 5 WOWS!

My family and I recently went to Teaberry’s to enjoy a new Afternoon Tea experience.

The selection of tea is amazing and there are so many different and unique flavors to choose from. I was also quite impressed with the scones. There were some plain one, and other ones with dried fruit inside.

The finger sandwiches were very interesting. My personal favorite had sliced cucumber on the top. The pastries were delicious, and very unique. I really enjoyed the mini biscuits with dried fruit and white chocolate.

The fine china there was beautiful and extremely delicate which made the tea experience even more enjoyable. The menu had a huge variety of different tea sets, and the bright ambience made it easier to see everything.

What made this amazing experience unique was that they tried to make the setting from the early 1900’s with tight dresses and mid-century furniture.

I highly suggest  you come to Teaberry’s for your Afternoon Tea experience.

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