Review: Applebees

AKT Rating: 5 WOWS!

A few weeks ago, my family and I ate at Applebees. We aren’t the type of family that will usually take up a place like this to eat, but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

My family didn’t order any appetizers. Instead, we just got right to the entree. For my meal, I got the Neighborhood Nachos with the carne asada, and as a drink I got a sweetened peach iced tea. The crunchy nachos with the perfectly melted cheese, along with the queso blanco, meat, and pico de gallo. These are highly reccommended. In addition to tasting great, the portion was right too! I can usually finish at MOST 2/3 of the pan, but this time, I was able to eat pretty much the whole thing, and get that satisfying feeling that you wasted basically no food.

My sister ordered from the kids’ menu of course. She got the Kids Cheesy Pizza with bacon on top. Though I didn’t try it, it looked like the perfect size for her.

Another factor that I thought was really awesome about this meal, was the fact that it looked so similar to the picture. After doing some research, I discovered that some people’s meal looked nothing like what they were promised. I, thankfully, didn’t run into that situation.

Though this restaurant reminded me a lot of T.G.I. Fridays, I definitely enjoyed their food, and would come back for sure.

Review: Playa Bowls

AKT Rating: 2 WOWS!

A few days ago, I practically begged my mom to take my to Playa Bowls. I had seen cute pictures of it online, and I had also heard so many great stories about their amazing food. Once we pulled into the busy parking lot, I was so excited to finally try the infamous Playa Bowls for the first time. My mom, sister and I walked into Playa Bowls, and we were instantly greeted by two friends who were staring us down like we weren’t supposed to be in there and ruined their fun. And this was only the beginning.

We had never been to Playa Bowls before, so naturally my mom told that to the lady working there, and we took a very long time to order. During that whole process, the lady at the cashier kept asking us, “Are you ready?” when it was very obvious that we were still deciding. After deciding and realizing that almost nothing on the menu was nut free, I had settled on a Pura Vida. We paid and the lady said that she would call our names when the bowl was ready. We waited, and they never called my name. One of the girls working there who wasn’t there when my order was being taken, asked if I had ordered a Pura Vida, and I said yes. No name calling or anything! This had to be one of the most confusing orders I’d ever had! When I got my food and a spoon, we went across the street to a pizza place to get my mom and sister some food.

As I started snacking on my bowl, I realized that a lot of ingredients that I thought that this bowl was free of, were in there. Like, I thought that Pura Vida was a nut-free option, yet, it had a thick layer of Nutella between the fruit and the acai. Now, looking back at the menu, I think that I accidentally picked up someone else’s order. But the girl specifically gestured to me that the order on the counter was mine!

But, I really could only finish half, so I brought the rest home. After about three days of sitting in the fridge, I thought for sure that it would have gotten somewhat rotten, yet, the acai was as swishy and goopy as ever, and it still smelled appetizing!

Though this place’s customer service is really bad, and the food doesn’t taste that good, and there really aren’t any options for people allergic to nuts, the packaging and store design was actually very appealing! It was modern and very true to the vibe of the the store-not the vibe that the employees gave off :)! To be honest, even though I didn’t like the food or the people, I would actually give it a second chance (at a different location) for the cute packaging it came with and some of the other options like juices and smoothies.

Review: Moxie’s Grill & Bar

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!!!

A few days ago, I went to Moxie’s Grill & Bar with my mom and sister for dinner. None of us had been here before, so we decided to try out a few of the options. We had ordered the Double Cheese Nacho Share Platter, the half rack of Slow-Roasted Baby Back Ribs (which I had), and for my sister, a Cheese Pizza. Also as an appetizer for all of us, we had the Mosaic Dip. The nachos, though delicious had one slight problem. On the menu at the restaurant, there was no description that the nachos had meat of it. Just cheese. I was a little confused, but, pleasantly surprised how the meat had made the nachos even better. The ribs were delicious. On the side was seasoned potato which, by the way, was absolutely amazing, and there was also a bit of coleslaw which was delicious on the ribs itself. The ribs were very tender, and flavorful, but there could have been a bit more meat of the ribs. I felt like I wasn’t actually getting all the meat that could have been on the ribs. There also was a lot of barbecue sauce on the ribs. I personally don’t like barbecue sauce, so I do feel like there was a bit too much for those of you who don’t like a lot. The Mosaic Dip definitely had a few unique flavors. It was goat cheese mixed with mushrooms and tomatoes, and on the side to dip were corn chips and fresh-baked naan. Though it was yummy, the dip had a few flavors, such as the goat cheese that made the dish a bit mature for my age, and not as enjoyable as it could have been.

Review: Fratelli’s Village Pizzeria in Scarborough

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!!!

Address: 384 Old Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1C 1B6 Address:

While on our vacation in Toronto to visit family, my parents, sister and I went to Fratelli’s Village Pizzeria to enjoy some quality pizza. Though on the outside it looked unappealing and very basic, it was quite nice on the inside. There was just enough light from the dim lights and the see-through doors. The brick walls – a classic pizzeria move – actually was quite nice, and added texture to the place. As an appetizer, we ordered a Caesar Salad. The crunchy romaine lettuce, the creamy dressing, and the delicious seasoned croutons all helped to make this salad one of a kind. Once again, though it was a classic option, they definitely made it taste one of a kind. As for the actual pizza portion of the meal, I ordered a pineapple and bacon pizza. There were more exotic options, of course, but after ordering this pizza, I didn’t regret a thing. This pizza was delicious, and I would totally recommend it! But, though this was practically the perfect pizza, I do have to admit that there was not enough pineapple on the pizza. I love pineapple on my pizzas, and there was only a handful on it. This didn’t really have an effect on how much I ate, though. The pizza was very heavy, and I only ended up eating half the slices. But the next day, I ate the rest for lunch to not waste this amazing pizza. After our meal, we were tempted by the dessert menu, so we ordered a mixed berry creme brulee. The burnt sugary top was crunchy and delicious and was absolutely amazing with the creamy inside with the delicious flavor of mixed berry.

Review: Whole Foods

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!

Address: 319 Chimney Rock Rd, Bridgewater, NJ, 08807

A few weeks ago, I had gone to Whole Foods to experience not only the wonders of a new grocery store, but to try out the food I had heard so much about from my mom. When I went, I had tried a delicious pizza. On it had buffalo chicken, and chives. After destroying this masterpiece, I had tried some of the hibachi noodles. I loves the concept, just hated how they were cold.  I just recently went back again, and this time picked out some chicken wontons. As delicious as they were, they were cold, and kind of hard. Maybe, I would have liked them to be hotter…. Both times that I had went I had a bottle of Bai: Panama Peach Antioxidant Infusion. Now if you haven’t tried this already, it’s a must have. Delicious, and very healthy for your skin. I also had tried some of their mochi japanese ice cream. DELICIOUS, and, once again, a must have.  Though Whole Foods has some definite Food-Faults, they are definitely worth checking out.

Image result for whole foods bridgewater

Review: Redbrick Pizza

AKT Rating: 5 WOWS!

Today, I tried one of the newer restaurants at The Shoppes at North Brunswick, Redbrick Pizza. It was probably the BEST PIZZA PLACE I’VE EVER BEEN TO! (but, just saying, this is coming from someone who is an expert in hating pizza. yes, you can gasp.) ANYWAY, I ordered a large pizza with the customizable toppings of half bacon, and half pineapple and bacon. It was amazing! We also ordered an Caesar Salad on the side that I DEFINITELY recommend. Service and food is great, now, let’s talk about interior design.

To start, outdoor seating. I know it was a hot day, but, outside seemed enjoyable! Anyway, inside had nice seating, cold air conditioning*, and (this is more of a feature, but) a touch-screen drink dispenser! (chorus singing chords).

I definitely suggest that you try this place out. It’s nice, clean, and very delicious.

*My air conditioning has been broken for most of the summer. Real pain.

Review: Maschio’s Food

AKT Rating: 0 WOWS! 

Ok, so you might think I’m being a bit harsh. But have you TRIED Maschio’s? The hotdog buns are soggy, the broccoli smells like it was just peed on by a dog and spritzed with lemon juice, and to be quite honest, the food is so bad, that when I end up buying lunch, I have to live off of a bag of chips and an ice cream sandwich! Ok, you’ve heard the start of it: the food is bad, yes so  let’s get a little personal here with examples from my own experience and my friends.

Firstly I should tell you that Maschio is catering service that provides food for just about all the schools I know im my local area… and there’s a lot schools in my hometown in New Jersey, not to mention a lot of kids and a whole lots of eating happening.

So, I remember that they once had brought a new item on the menu: sweet and sour chicken. That day, I happened to be buying. So, I was all like: “Ok, I’m just going to see what this is all about! Sweet and sour chicken! How bad can that be!” Really bad. What it was was what they call a chicken nugget with TOMATO SAUCE on the top. I mean come on. This is supposed to be sweet and sour, not the capital of  Italy!

Next, I remember asking some of my friends what they think of this place. And, one of my friends told me that she bought a BEC (bacon egg and cheese) sandwich. I mean, again. How bad can that be. Right? WRONG! When she opened it up, on the egg, there was MOLD! Smack, dab, in the egg. Then, she returned it to the cafeteria, and asked for a new one. And guess what was in the new one. MOLD. And even more of it. Ok, this has to be the absolute worst thing ever. Who wants MOLD on their egg!

Ok. I think we’ve gotten to the point where the world needs to learn about Maschio’s “delicious” pizza. It’s tomato sauce and bread, (ok, the usual! not too bad), and a huge blob of white cheese in the middle of the slice that looks like it was from an expired can. Ok, I get that this is the cheapest food brand, but can they at least CARE for the food? I’m surprised not one’s gotten food poisoning yet. Or maybe kids have and they pasted it off as another virus or flu going around?

And don’t even get me STARTED on the grilled cheese! (Ok, you got me started) So, I once again remember the moment in time where I bought from Maschio’s. I asked one of my friends how the grilled cheese would be, just because she buys lunch every day. She told me it was ok. So, trusting her advice, I went ahead and bought it. Taking a bite out of that was the biggest mistake in my life. I immediately spit it out in a napkin, and tried it in the tomato soup it came with. SECOND biggest mistake I have ever made. Again, I spit it out in a napkin, and tried the tomato soup, ALONE. That tasted like warmed up and pureed tomato sauce.

Though they try to portrait themselves as HEALTHY! The examples from me and other students can make it clear that I expect that receive more complaints than complements.

Most sadly, they don’t even have half the stuff they put on the front page of the website:


Review: Somerville Central Pizza

AKT Rating: 2 WOWS!

Somerville Central Pizza is a small pizza place in the center of Somerville. The pizza there really isn’t as delicious as I would have liked. My family and I always receive pick up, so by the time it comes home, the cheese has stuck to the toppings. I also don’t really like the taste of it in general, so I mainly snack on the wings and caesar salad. But, this pizza place is actually kind of reasonable compared to the other pizza places out here in New Jersey.