Review: The Fresh Market Sushi

AKT Rating: 3 WOWS!

Yesterday, I bought some sushi from the Fresh Market. To be honest, it wasn’t the best. I really do prefer the sushi place that I normally go to. This sushi was a bit too much for me because the tuna in it was bit too clunky.

It was also quite large and didn’t have any unique flavor to it. For example, it wasn’t spicy or sweet. It, just didn’t have flavor. There was also a bit too much tuna. There was tuna in the sushi, and tuna along the outsides.

It’s not my favourite sushi, but I guess it does the job.


Review: Sakana

 AKT Rating: 5 WOWS!

I know sushi is a very controversial topic; some people like it, others don’t. My family and I happen to be people who LOVE sushi, so we go to Sakana. A sushi place close to my house, that is also utterly delicious. Their food is always fresh, and the people that work there are very friendly. There’s also an option for you to order online via their app. My family and I usually order delivery from them, so we tend to use the app frequently. Their app is extremely easy to use as well as sophisticated. I suggest checking them out at: