Review: TeaDrops

AKT Review: 5 WOWS!!!

My dad, unlike me, doesn’t really like tea. And in my attempts to get him to like it, I bought him TeaDrops as a Fathers Day gift, and I, of course, had to try them. So, I got the boiled water, and put in the matcha flavoring. It came in a teeny tiny little package, and when you opened it, you saw tea leaves bunched together in a cute little shape. It was also super easy to use since you really just dropped the TeaDrops into the mug.

So, my personal favorite so far is the matcha one, since I’m completely obsessed with it. Just the plain TeaDrop is kind of bland, so I add a teaspoon of sugar. Honestly, for me, a teaspoon is actually very little, so I think that you don’t need to much sugar to make it taste good, but just enough so it doesn’t taste too bland. Overall, I would highly recommend these as a gift, or even just for yourself.

Mulberry Tea House

Mulberry Tea House

Address: 415 Westfield Ave, Westfield NJ 07090

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!

  • Tea Selection: 5 WOWS!
  • Scones: 5 WOWS!
  • Finger Sandwiches: 4 WOWS!
  • Pastries: 4 WOWS!
  • Fine China: 4 WOWS!
  • Menu Variety: 4 WOWS!
  • Ambiance: 4 WOWS!

Last weekend, my family and I went to the Mulberry Tea House for afternoon tea. Though walking in it looks a bit not like you would’ve expected, the food there is delicious. There was a wide variety of exotic teas to choose from. For example, I picked out the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake tea, and it tasted almost EXACTLY like cheesecake. I was really impressed. The scones that they had to choose from were also very unique. They had chocolate chip scones that were literally so good, and tasted like a cookie. They had many finger sandwiches to choose from, and though most of them were very classic, there were a few that stood out, like the Hoi-Sin Pork Tenderloin & Cucumber sandwich, that was absolutely delicious. The pastries were also quite interesting, but were overall a great finish to the meal. The teacups and teapots weren’t as fancy as a normal afternoon tea tea set, but they were actually very pleasant to drink out of, and easy to pour tea out of as well. The room was nicely lit, and was very bright. But, the flow of the tables was kind of cramped, and there weren’t that many tables. My family and I made up a group of four, and I really thought that we got the best bang for our buck.

The Cozy Cupboard

The Cozy Cupboard

Address: 4 Old Turnpike Rd. Convent Station, NJ

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS! 

  • Tea Selection: 4 WOWS!
  • Scones: 4 WOWS!
  • Finger Sandwiches: 3 WOWS!
  • Pastries: 4 WOWS!
  • Menu Variety: 5 WOWS!
  • Ambience: 4 WOWS!

When I had arrived at The Cozy Cupboard, all I saw on the outside was a house. But, when I went inside, it was a beautiful area with the perfect lighting and lots of tables that could fit many people. They service was also amazing as they greeted us warmly, and came to check in on us every so often.

The selection of tea wasn’t very wide, but, the tea itself was very high quality and I enjoyed that very much. The scones were very big, and quite warm, but very delicious. They had given us loads of preserves, and being that one huge clotted cream fan, I obviously loaded up on a lot of clotted cream. The finger sandwiches were actually not as delicious as I had expected. I really had one favourite out of all the ones they gave me, (but it’s not personal at all, I just happen to enjoy one sandwich more than the others). It was the sandwich that included the cucumber and the cream. Onto desserts! They had given us the options of choosing different cakes and pies. (For example, cheesecake, chocolate, key lime, etc.) I chose a cheesecake, and to be honest, it wasn’t amazing, but it also wasn’t terrible. It somehow tasted as if it had a hint of cinnamon.

The food variety was very wide. I remember one of my family members getting a salad and a soup. Looking on the website, there were also quiches and crepes. Of course the price of all these foods were quite fair for the quality.


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Review: Vivi Bubble Tea

AKT Rating: 4 WOWS!

Ok, I’m going to be a little non-professional with you guys. But I have 3 syllables for you: A-MA-ZING!* I tried Vivi Bubble Tea for the first time, and to be honest, it was legit TO DIE FOR! I tried mango bubble tea, and I was in love. The bubbles are ACTUALLY EDIBLE, and like, have to be the BEST part. But, as much as bubble tea shall one day rule this tiny planet, it’s not the best option for those who crave the sweetest thing in sight. But, try these bubbles, and you’ll LOVE it too! I am definitely suggesting that anyone who has never tried this, go and find a place near you. Because, I’m sorry, but this is seriously to die for. I wish I had more right now just to take a sip between every word I’m writing!

I’m very sorry, but that’s how good it is. If bubble tea were running for president, i would 100% vote for it. Again, I have 1 word for you: YUUUUUUUUUUM!

Please check out their website:


*Once again, please try this out, it’s pretty much the absolute best thing on this planet.